Absolutely the best daycare I’ve put my little girl in. The teachers are friendly, and the atmosphere is perfect for the kids. I’ve had my girl in different daycares before, but nothing compared to this one. Nish (Parent Infant, Toddler, 3-5 Program)

I know my job was to observe the children but during my time there I couldn't help but notice how attentive and respectful your staff all were.  I got a lot of positive vibes in your centre. Wow you have such awesome staff and are so lucky to have them all! I loved how they interacted and guided the children respectively. 

Anita (Infant/Toddler Educator Student)


Love the staff (they really care about the kids and keep you informed with how your child's day went) and I love how clean the facility is! My 3 year old loves going there every single day and couldn't imagine taking him anywhere else! 

​Laura (Parent, Former Infant Program, Current Toddler Program, Former 3-5 Program, Current SAC


Awesome daycare, so glad to have found them when we moved to Pitt Meadows. Would recommend Best Friends to anyone looking for daycare in Pitt Meadows.

Brigitte (Parent School Age Care Program)


The staff are amazing, my daughter loves attending best friends!!

Ashley (Parent,  3-5 Program and School Age Care Program)


It is with heavy heart that I move my children to a new daycare facility, only because it is closer to our home. I cannot say enough good things about Best friends. The staff care for our children like they are their own and my wife and I have noticed a very positive change in both of them. As a parent, you are nervous when you leave your children with someone else for the first time - best friends makes this so easy! They are awesome!

Brian  (Parent, Toddler & 3-5 Program)

 We are so lucky to have found such an amazing place for our boys! the staff truly care about the kids. Our boys absolutely LOVE coming every day. Cheryl (Parent Rormer Infant & 3-5 Program, Current Toodler and School Age Care) 


The owner and staff here are the best in the business! They are professional, caring and most importantly. .. put your child's needs first. I highly recommend this daycare.

Leah, Associate


You guys never needed an award to prove how amazing your programs are and what an incredible impact you have on our kids. I see it and hear it in my house every day and you'd never believe how many times a week I find myself saying "What do you think Miran/Stephanie or Dee would do or say if they saw or heard that"?...bwahaha, it's become a very useful tool. You and your staff have brought so much to my kids lives and if they aren't able to be at home with me I'm very lucky that they can be with you guys.
Stacey (Parent, formerly 3-5 program & School Age Care Program)